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Beyond Just Fun: The Business Case for Frontcountry Recreation

Who knew? That in 2002, a free-wheeling group of Whitefish mountain bikers would kick off one of Montana’s best trail systems. Introducing the Whitefish Trail. What started on Spencer Mountain as a state-initiated development planning process for 13,000 acres of public state trust land around Whitefish, has turned into a 42 mile (and counting!) trail… Read more »

More Aaaahs: The business case for investing in outdoor recreation

  I love the “aaaaahh” moment–when you open the car door at the trailhead, breathe the air, hear the rustle of leaves, and step into the dappled sunlight. I’m kind of addicted.   Author Florence Williams calls it a getting a “Nature Fix.” I often get my “nature fix” on the Whitefish Trail—it’s close to my… Read more »

“Can’t get there from here?” Five tips for making public trails on private lands a win-win

Only 1000 yards to go.  That’s all that stands between your community trail and thousands of acres of public land.  But that 1000 yards is on private land. Creating trail on private land can be tough. Really tough.  That challenge was confirmed for me at a recent gathering of community based trail makers from across… Read more »